news from the Kart,

well, the show in KY got cancelled so we got to hang around the valley for a few more days. we plan to head to nashville on tuesday. hopefully, the hurricane will not get up there and wash us off the road. so with our couple days off, i played golf w/ my dad, cody went to lake havasu with his familia, jordan spent time with his family and probably did some shopping, and i'm not sure what tay did...probably hung out with his friends and "phoenix" family.

on this new journal, there's a place where you can make comments about journal entries (or about the band) under each one of the posts, so feel free to say "hi."

also, my good friend Steven (aka westsideTHUG) will be posting on here and letting you know what's up with the band when i'm on the road away from my computer.

if you want to sign up for our email list to get updates about shows and such, just send an email to stellarkart@yahoo.com and say "add me to your email list please."



Blogger snbrnmm said...

Congratulations on signing with Word/Warner Bros.! Glad to see the new website started. Looking forward to hearing all the good news in the weeks ahead.
Great job at the concert at Grand Canyon University! It was so good to hear you play again.
Sorry the show in Kentucky was canceled, but I'm glad you aren't on the East Coast during the hurricane. Enjoy the extra time with your family. We are praying for you on this new exciting journey.

6:56 AM  
Blogger ChRiStIaN JoHnSoN said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:33 AM  
Blogger ChRiStIaN JoHnSoN said...

Hey guys whats up, its Christian from Work In Progress, hope all is going well for you guys. It sucks that i couldn't make it to your show this friday, I'm sure it was the ShIzNiCk. well I hope you have a safe journey, and i cant wait till your next show.

God Bless

10:38 AM  
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1:09 PM  
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