happy mothers day!

happy moms day from SK! we just got done playing a show in cedar rapids, iowa in brian's home town. last night we played at cup o joy coffeehouse in green bay, wisconsin and it was amazing! thanks so much to all of you who came out and supported us! it was definately one of our favorite shows ever! now we have 2 days off before we play wednesday night in cedar falls, iowa at orchard hill church.

then, friday we are at club 3 degrees in minneapolis, minnesota with KIDS IN THE WAY and EVERYDAY SUNDAY. that show should be amazing. and our last show before we have a couple weeks off is in omaha, nebraska with DAY OF FIRE on saturday. it should be a fun week to end this run we've been on.

my sister gets married on the 21st of may, so we are taking some time off for that in phoenix. we'll hit the road again at SPIRIT WEST COAST in del mar, california on may 29th, so come out and see us! continue to spread the word about STELLAR KART!



Anonymous Adonai'sdoulas said...

You Guys [Stellar Kart] Are An Answered Prayer For Me…

Hey there, guys! My name is Rachael Folowoshele and I’ve sent you two e-mails concerning my heart for Christ, music, and youth—and how I see the possibility of what GOD is doing with you all to, perhaps, be meshing with that very heart…

I won’t go into it, here, for that’s the purpose of the e-mails! But what I _shall_ say is, first, that Bon Jovi song is, perhaps, one of my absolute FAVORITES! [c’mon 80s!] next to their “You Give Love A Bad Name.” Haha=0)

Second, Oh. Our. GOD!, you guys totally ROCK and are soooo very anointed. He’s soo gonna do some major things with you, I can already see it.

Ok, third. I totally sold merch for _Everyday Sunday_ in West Palm Beach, Florida back on November 6, 2004 [they rock! I’ll totally send my pic with Trey:o)] and I just heard of _Kids In The Way_ a couple weeks ago and I like them way much [and, apparently, so does Daniel of _Hawk Nelson_…]. But anyways, Friday, as you’re playing your show at Club 3 Degrees I shall be seeing Shane and Shane and then heading out the next morning to Orlando for Cornerstone Florida!!! Woo-Hoo!!

Furthermore, I met those most excellent ladies known as _BarlowGirl_ back on November 21, 2004 in Fort Myers, Florida, as well; I’m now friends with one of their messageboard moderators, Chase Andrade:o) <--(He likes you guys; he asked if I had heard of you and I’m like, “Umm…yeah. Of course!”;o) I totally love your name, too, because I always say, “stellar,” for things that are coo, you know? And people will be like, “What does that mean?” And I say, “Well, it’s like, ‘coo,’ and since the word means, ‘star,’ I guess it goes with the whole beautiful-bright-light-sparklin’ thing, you know?”

Anywho…I’ve also totally met the guys of _Kutless_ a couple of times; in fact, with the most recent interaction being April 28, 2005 up, again, in Fort Myers, during the _Diverse City Worldwide_ Tour [totally ran into Jon Micah with his wife and their new baby taking an afternoon stroll; how sweet!=0), as well as briefly chatted with and encouraged Jeff, and I just smiled at Ryan (I totally love his style; so smooth and coo) :Smile:]

Ok. Well, I feel special to be the first person to post on this latest entry, so gooooo GOD and goo me:o) Tee-hee. I sure pray you receive, read, and respond to my e-mail! And I pray it doesn’t go to your SPAM box!, but it’ll most likely be entitled, “You Guys [Stellar Kart] Are An Answered Prayer For Me…,” just in case, so you know:o)

“/Cuz I’m just a student driver and I need Your help to guide me
Cuz on my own, I’m nothing…/” Amen!

(Sorry this post is so majorly long, peoples!) Please take care and God Bless:o)

Rachael “Adonai’sdoulas”

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

i went to the concert in green bay on saturday. i'm glad you guys had a good time. i know i definitely did. you should tootally come back and visit us sometime. well laterz. got school. yuck. haha.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous leah said...

hey there you guys, youre totally a blessing to everyone there in green bay....i was there! that was awesome to see how well you guys got so many youth totally into your stuff and into your songs!!! please please please come back if you ever get the chance...dont forget about us....you totally rock. god will totally bless you in many ways. not just you but whoever you perform for as well...take care and drive safe.


12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw you guys in concert in Cedar Rapids at NCBC... it was a really good concert! And I got to dance on stage with Brian's little bro and a couple other people! So thanks for the awesome concert!!

Oh, P.S. I was one of the girls! Not the crazy little kids... even tho they are awesome

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

Hey, I was just visiting your site cause I saw that you're coming to Club 3 in Minneapolis and I hadn't heard of you guys until very recently so I thought I would check your music out. I must say pretty good. I'm going to that concert to see Kids in the Way, but I'm excited to hear a bunch of bands that I've never heard before. So looking forward to seeing you guys in concert!

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

oh and you guys should get a xanga, they're waaaaaaaaay cooler than blogspot...
Just check out www.xanga.com

12:21 PM  
Anonymous caitlin said...

I was at your concert in greenbay and it was so awesome (my first concert! and i got to be in the front row! yay!) and i got like 5 of my friends into your music now!! come back to greenbay so i can see you guys again!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Kassi said...

hey I think you guys are soooo hhoott

5:40 PM  
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