So today was a long day...again. We started at about 10am setting up guitar amps and getting sounds. The sounds are amazing! I'm blown away. I really can't wait until you get to hear the new stuff. By dinner time we had 2 songs completely done with all mine and cody's guitars and ready for vocals. Pretty exciting. We came back from dinner and began work on another song and got it almost done before calling it a night. I think tomorrow will go faster and we'll get a ton of songs done in a lot less time now that we know what sounds we're going for and how to get them.

I think tomorrow will start with Jordan re-tracking one song (the first one we recorded on day 1) because it doesn't feel like the right speed. So after he's done, we'll dive back in to guitars and bass. Brian did amazing for his first time in a real studio and nailed the bass parts with no problems whatsoever. We are all very impressed. So 9 and a half songs to go and then it's on to vocals. aaahh yeah.

until tomorrow,


Blogger Rebekah_W said...

hey! that sounds great!! I can't wait to hear it too! Keep it up! 9 more songs to go? wow! haha! Thats AWESOME that Brian's doing good for his first time! :) <><

4:24 PM  
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