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so i win the award for most inconsistent blogger in the universe. sometimes i'm good and blog 5,6, even 7 times a week. sometimes i'm bad and go a year without blogging. oh well, i'm going to try and start up again because i want to, and for no other reason. however, i make no guarantees. there is a possibility that i will be diligent and blog with regularity. there is also a possibility that you will find this the most recent blog entry a year from now. that is the mystery of the stellar kart blog...

with that disclaimer out of the way, we've had quite a year. our international travels include trips to the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia, all of which were amazing experiences. we headlined a tour, played a ton of acquire the fire events, rocked out festivals all over north america this summer, and are now in the middle of a tour with superchick. i look forward to fall and the end of the summer heat, as well as the chance to make another record.



Anonymous christena said...

wow. i'm glad you're blogging again! i saw you guys in south bend like 2 weeks ago, and you gave my friend jordan's broken drumstick! and i was all freaked out. it was amazing. and then i got a picture with you. i was the girl that had you sign the limited edition cd cover thing, and you said it was your favorite cover. it was really cool. i love you guys!

oh, and i might go see you in kankakee! if i ever find any info on it anywhere.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous TiFF said...

bueno en realiddadd no entiendoo muchoo lo q dicess en tu blogg

lo q sii puedoo decirr q esta muyy pro muy buena la bandaa

me gusta mucho blink 182 pro cm prefiero escuchar musica cristiana puedoo decirr q stellar kart esta muy grozaa
estiloo muy parecidoo a blink

la verdadd me gustaa muchoo muchoo
ojalaa algun diaa los puedaa conocerr personalmentee ya q es mi sueñoo !!!!
conocerlos a fulll sueño realidad seria!! y mas a jordann !! jajaja

buenoo emm solo qieroo decir q Dioss los siga re bendiciendoo en todoo lo q hagann en cada tema . en todooooo lo q hagan y q sigan llevando buena musica
xq musica cm la q hacen ustedes dejan bien mirados a ls cristianos!!
Diosss los re bendiga!!!
los amooo !!

me encantariaa poderr conocerloss!!

aca les dejo mi meil
y mi flog

kisssess y bendiciones!!!


7:22 PM  
Anonymous TiFF said...

haaa una ultima preguntaa

jordann tienee blogg??


acordatee d agregarme!!




11:49 AM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Hello! I am of Brazil and I came here to say you guys are awesome! The songs of yours helped many young people are today to seek the Lord Jesus! You will come to the show here? If they come, please place of Bahia, is the state that I live! Sure I would be there! May the Lord bless you and the music of you will grow more each day!

PS: Sorry for bad English, was the translator of the Internet! (laughter)


respond, please?
(email: melissa_isouza@hotmail.com)

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey SK,
I went to your concert at Rock the Universe and was on the 2nd row!! Well anyways I just wanted to say you guys did wonderful and if no one else liked it I DID! It was my first Stellar Kart concert and it will NOT be my last. Thank you guys for all you do and keep on rockin' for JESUS!


8:21 AM  

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