Here we are in Minnesota and it's cold!
Actually, it's not that cold, but it's the first time we've been able to see our breath outside for about 6 months. We drove from Madison, Wisconsin to Victoria, Minnesota (near Minneapolis) today and it was a nice, relaxing drive. We played a lot of playstation (nascar 2004 and nfl 2k4) and looked at the scenery. We even stopped at a rest stop that had a 20 ft high fake moose. It was cool.

We'll be playing tomorrow at Holy Family Catholic High School and if you want any more info, please go to www.silverringthing.com. The family we're staying with is great and we're having a good time.

I'll let you know how the show goes, so stay tuned!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you guys rock! um u prolly dont know me but adam iam aunt bonnies granddaughter and i wanted to no y u arent comin to perform for us down here in Oklahoma! i just wanted to say iam a big fan and i have ur ep it rocks! Iam glad the travling has gone good and i hope u have a great time! signed,

11:30 AM  
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