We played another Freedom Experience show on Sunday night with Brock Gill "Chaos on Wheels" and "Inhabited." It was great to get to hang out with all those guys again. Hopefully we'll get to hook up in the future. Now we are off to Cedar Falls, Iowa for a show on Wednesday night.

So we have good news. We are confirmed to go on tour with Kutless and Barlowgirl in February and March! That should be fun. We'll let you know as more dates get confirmed.



Blogger Lauren said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to say how proud of you all of us Mountain Ridgers are :0) You guys are out spreading the Word and blessing us with some AWESOME music at the same time. We're still getting used to the name change- you'll always be Sonburn, the "Soul City" band to us :0) Very cool name though! I like it!

That's totally awesome that you guys are going to tour with more bands! Congrats on your new record deals- especially WB and Word Records...totally cool! And good luck with your new album- we can't wait!! The samples you guys have posted are AWESOME. Well, can't wait to see you guys again when you're back in town. Take care and be safe out there- but most of all, enjoy doing God's will and making some KICK A$# worship songs! When times are tough, always remember that there are many, many people back home praying for your success. We miss you!

- Lauren V :0)

12:58 PM  
Blogger jess hates you said...

Hey guys!

It's me again. Jess. haha. I got a thinger majig. Wo.

Anyway. Congrats on the success! That's just totally rad, and I'm rootin' for you always!

Go-go mah mo-jo,

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:56 PM  
Blogger wesley said...

I thought you guys were coming to Macon?

9:01 AM  
Blogger alysha said...

hey, u might not remember me but im the chick that was at the "freedom experience" at cherokee highschool, the one with all of the peircings and that had to touch your hair, and i was wondering when the band would be back to canton? plus i think the whole band is hot:)

7:19 PM  
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