Thank you Davenport, Iowa for rocking our socks off! You guys were amazing...probably one of the craziest crowds we've ever played for. We had a great time playing there and getting to know a bunch of you. Thanks again Keith for your extreme hospitality, we hope we can come back soon. Liz, you have an awesome voice and thanks for all your help with the event. Our ears seriously hurt from how loud the crowd was screaming in between the songs, and Darrin (our road manager) said that it was even hard to hear the band at times during the show because of how loud the crowd was screaming and singing. Just to let you know, you set the bar pretty high for other S Kart fans. You guys rock!

Well, we finally have new merch! Although our supply is somewhat depleted after the Iowa show. :) 4 new shirt designs right now with wristbands and hoodies soon to be available.
We've got a few more meetings tomorrow, then a couple days off before we hit the road again next week.

Keep us in your prayers,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, finally some new merch. hehe. Woooooooooo ^_^

// Jess

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait til you get home and I get to see the new merch.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg you guys ROCK!i was in the crowd in davenport and i coodnt help myself from goin CRAZY!when keith kept talkin bout some awesome band i thot it was just gonna be another christian rock band but when you got on stage and started singin i was wrong!!all of davenport is talkin bout you guys now!!!the junior high schoolers and high schoolers!!!you guys are awesome and i wish i coodve brought more money so i cood get more than one shirt i wish i cooda got cd too!!!lol!so i guess im writin this to let you kno that you guys definately ROCKED DAVENPORTS SOX OFF!!!i hope to see ya again!

Love always,

6:08 PM  
Blogger Mureyeuh said...

Hey guys! I dont know if ya'll will get this but its worth a shot. I was at the concert in Davenport and i have to admit, when keith said theres gonna be an awesome band i thought, yeah some christian gospial group (no offense though, they're cool too) even knowing Keith, i was hesitant, but after you guys came on i was truely amazed. I mean, i know you can be christian singers without the whole "traditional" church setting and what not, but not like this. I have listened to bands such as Sonic Flood and Seven Places which are great bands but you guys were by far the greatest. I HAD to get the cd and ive been listening to it non stop! its like I want good rock/punk music and i love my christianity..why not kill two birds with one stone right:) And thanks for doing this for me. You guys seem like great people, so good luck in the future and thanks for a great time..and hopefully some more to come. God Bless
Rock it!

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I had a question I had kind of been wondering about.. Has anyone in the band ever heard of a man named Dave Owen, used to be in a band called Aoncient of Days? He played guitar and I think maybe did some back-up vocals, and looks almost exactly like oyur alls guitarist/back-up vocalist.. so there's my question.
My e-mail address is op166@juno.com

3:43 PM  
Blogger Jezuz_luver said...

My name is Angela and I was in the crowd in Davenport. Wow...you guys are awesome!!!! I screamed so loud that night...that I couldnt talk for the next 3 days! Im so happy I got the oppurtunity to see you guys. Its awesome to be able to listen to your music and know that your love for God got you this far. I wish ya'll the best of luck and please...please come back!!!

12:44 PM  
Blogger maria said...

It sounds like Davenport really enjoyed you guys and want ya'll back soon.
Basically just how arizona feels about you too.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guyz please give a shout out to me (I love your music) my name is Erin...thanx guyz (aka Adam because your the one that is always on) bye bye

11:15 PM  
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