so we've all had an interesting past 24 hours...right now, jordan and i are sitting in the vancouver airport waiting to board a flight to williams lake, british columbia for a show tonight. cody and brian are sleeping at a hotel somewhere near the airport here. so how did we get here? glad you asked...

cody and brian left nashville, tennessee at 10am yesterday, flew to toronto, canada, then flew to vancouver to meet up with the rest of us for our flight to williams lake LAST NIGHT. jordan flew from phoenix, arizona to seattle, washington and met me there after i flew from fresno, california to san francisco, california to seattle. our flight was then delayed from seattle to vancouver by about 50 minutes. we finally landed in vancouver at about 6pm and our flight left for williams lake at 6:15pm. unfortunately, we had to go through customs and get our bags and re-check-in and go through security and all that fun stuff.

we never got that far.

our bags did not show up in vancouver. awesome. so we ran to try to make the flight, but they left without us. i was calling and texting cody telling him to hold the plane for us, but they could only delay about ten minutes. what a nightmare.

the story doesn't end there.

jordan and i go over to the air canada counter and they are kind enough to get us a hotel room and dinner vouchers for the evening and we are booked on the first flight out the next morning. i guess it's a good thing i planned ahead and had us fly in the day before the show. anyway, we're sitting down to dinner at our hotel when cody texts me (from the plane) and says that they are turning around because of a blizzard that was hitting williams lake. unbelievable. the problem is, when they get back the airline says they cannot give them a hotel or anything since the problem was weather related, so they have to go get a cheap hotel somewhere near the airport and are not going to make it to williams lake until sometime this afternoon.

this has been one of the strangest fly-dates of my life and we're not even to our destination yet. o canada!



Blogger Rafaela said...

Wouw.. that sounds.. awesome :P Hope you'll all make it to the show! Must be cold there during this time of the year.. Here in Holland it was snowing again. Though it's all gone now. Fortunately.. :P

So, I hope you'll still enjoy your time in Canada :) God bless and cya!


2:25 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

That's a C-R-A-Z-Y story!

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well. I ran into Cody and Brian on that momentous flight into Williams lake..I hope you guys made it to your concert..Cody it was great chatting with you in the Fogg and Suds.I never got home until 8:00 that night after having 4 flights cancelled and finally flying into Prince Geoge and driving home..Have a better time in LA.
Tony M (Staples)

4:53 PM  
Blogger julia mei said...

What a fiasco, adam. now i feel so bad. i hope you guys made it safely and in time. good luck on your way back.
God bless(:

7:02 PM  
Blogger kaitlin said...

awww poor guys :(

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Rose said...

wow! Seems like you guys had a bad day.I hate it when everything goes bad all in ONE DAY! Hope you guys got there safe. :)

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa adam! that's a tad confusing. hope you guys got to canada in time for the show. would have loved to be there but i'm in new zealand you see so that would of been a bit hard. man - you guys have to tour nZ!!!!!!!!! No pressure but that would be the most awesomest day of my entire life. man you guys are amazing and i luvvvv everyone single one of you're songs. you guys rock so much!
God Bless

12:14 AM  
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