the underground

last night was such a fun show. we had a great crowd at the underground in cincy. jordan, brian, and i painted our eyes to look like we had been beat up by cody. the best part is that he didn't know we did it until the show started. :) it was hilarious.

today has been all about watching and playing football. we had a game out on the football field between all the bands on tour and wore ourselves out. now it's time to head in for dinner. i'm starving.



Anonymous Rose said...

sounds like you guys had fun!! :) That is funny with the whole black eye thing.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous kaitlin said...

i went to see you on halloween!!!
i was there
it was funny(:
me and my friends made signs saying i love jordan and brian
sorry if we made you feel left out
oh yeah im also that girl that made the "snazzy" hot pink sweatpants for pth! :D
(you remembered them at spiritsong)

6:10 PM  

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