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it's nice to sleep in my own bed tonight after another five days on the road. we had a good weekend with stops in missouri, mississippi, arkansas, and oklahoma.

before the tulsa, oklahoma show i played golf with my cousin cody. good news and bad news...first the good...we had a great time and it was good to get out on the course. now the bad...i lost. that hurts me to say. it really does. :) here are my excuses:
1. i didn't have my own clubs
2. didn't have my own golf shoes
3. it was a course i had never played on
4. it was cold and VERY windy
sounds pathetic, huh? oh well. congrats to cody who is the MAN. i want a rematch.

we all went over to matt's (from superchick) house to watch the monday night football game tonight and had a great time. go titans! i guess it's ok to wish for a cardinals/titans superbowl. i would attend.

the next couple days will involve playing basketball, catching up on sleep, hanging out with emma and sharon, and the beginning of the phoenix suns quest for an NBA championship.

talk soon,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good try in golfing Adam! I bet we suck more! 8-) We're really hoping you read our blog. This is our blog address. Check it out: http//maydayrockstar.blogspot.com/
By the way we love your music sooooo much. And we're from New Zealand
Nate and Jords

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Julia S. said...

Hey you didn't watch the world series last night? well i guess it did get suspended. i broke my finger playing basketball today - but just because i fail at playing.
Emma is so cute! i loved watching her say her name in the bath :] come back near philly soon...your show in west chester was great.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Rose said...

Hey!My brother loves Superchick,and my pastor's wife used to go to school with Matt.He even remembered her when she went up to him at his concert a few years back.:)Do any of you go for the Bears?I'm from Chicago,so I also like the Cubs.

11:50 AM  

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