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here i am, sitting in the crowded Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport waiting for the delayed flight to depart from here to Nashville. we have 2 shows in the next two days, one in myrtle beach, south carolina and one in lynchburg, virginia at liberty university on new year's eve. should be exciting. we have been off since the 6th of december so i'm hoping there's no rust. :) talk soon.



Blogger julia mei said...

eeee! I got your hoodie for Christmas!! i am soo happy(:
Hope you had a good Christmas. good luck with your shows!

have a happy new year,

9:25 PM  
Blogger Rafaela said...

Hey! Have fun with your two shows and have a happy new year! =) See you next year in Holland hopefully =)

God bless,

6:14 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

hey guys hope you have a great new year and come back to seattle soon! *hugs the sk tee i got for christmas*

10:51 PM  
Blogger Mayday said...

Merry Christmas Stellar kart and have a great new year!

8:31 PM  
Blogger Ray said...

Happy New Year, SK! You rock. Got your new CD for Christmas and can't stop listening to it. It's the only thing I listen to on my iPod.

Keep up the GREAT work!

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! i was at the concert in liberty! You guys rocked!! I had never heard of you guys until then!!! I LOVE STELLAR KART!!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Jordan said...

So, Adam, here's an idea for the new year: Stellar Kart needs a Twitter account! It's really great, lots of CCM artists use it. I think that would be pretty sweet to see you guys get one. Just a thought! :-)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Rose said...

have fun! Hope your tours go well!

2:02 PM  

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