tour recap

yesterday ended our "welcome to the family" tour...at least the spring leg of it. i hear that we may be extending it with the same lineup this summer. we had some interesting moments on this tour and overall had a great time.

here are some highlights...
1. we played for the first time in duluth, mn
2. played a show at a sweet casino on the reservation in north dakota
3. shot shotguns in billings, mt
4. picked up the esterlyn boys in boise
5. rocked sold out shows in boise, id and spokane, wa
6. enjoyed an uncharacteristically sunny day in seattle
7. left the tour to fly to branson, mo to play a show
8. flew back to portland to get to the next show in eugene, or
9. played at an armory in medford, or
10. won $65 playing poker at a truck stop in reno
11. ate some of the best food in our lives on our day off in san fran
12. best scenery of the tour was in san luis obispo, ca - also the day our generator on the bus decided to blow up
13. best hospitality on the tour was from our ketelhut friends in thousand oaks
14. wildomar, ca - the night people gave enough to our bus fund to get the generator fixed
15. played golf with my dad in riverside
16. drove to phoenix on our day off. on the way to barstow, ca that night, the alternator on our main engine went out leaving us stranded in the middle of the desert. $1000 and 12 hours later we were on our way to barstow. also the day(s) i was up for 36 hours straight.
17. ate at the wynn buffet in vegas...unbelievably amazing
18. caught up on sleep on our last day in so cal
19. best show of the tour - gotta be PHX!
20. went bowling in albuquerque, nm. we were 2nd of the four bands in the bowling competition - esterlyn won
21. drove at night from albuquerque to carlsbad, nm - 5 hours and saw maybe 4 cars on the way...no aliens :(
22. bowled again in amarillo, tx...again lost to esterlyn
23. drove through the biggest ice storm of my life on the way to tulsa, ok
24. hung out with family in tulsa and okc
25. finished out the tour with prank night in missouri

great shows, great fans, great fun. thanks to all of you who came out to make this tour a memorable one. talk soon...



Blogger Kiwi da Fruit said...

The generator blew up? Cool! Er, that's too bad. :D That was nice that you got money to fix it again, though!
Dude, how can anyone, muchless someone performing nightly, stay up AND function for 36 hours straight??
What-all was involved in the prank night? Do y'all have videos of it?
Sounds like the tour went well! I hope to see you in our area sometime soon (hint hint:)

7:59 AM  
Blogger sunshine said...

wow you guys were really busy:) I can't wait till you guys come to puyallup you guys were great even though it was really cold lol I hope your manager will email me or my adviser for our bible clubs event because It would really be amazing but if they don't email me back I guess that means they aren't intrested :( but I can't wait till you guys come in april for a concert I wrote you guys a letter because your music helped me alot when I was going through a rough time in my life when I felt no one cared about me well thanks for the amazing music :) you guys should put more videos on utube I love watching them :) - Kendy

1:08 PM  
Anonymous christena said...

sounds fun! and exhausting...

2:18 PM  
Blogger Rafaela said...

Only 4 cars in 5 hours?? That will never happen to you in Holland lol :P You know only Texas is already like twice as big as Holland? :O
Sounds like an interesting time you all had! Good that you had fun :) God bless!

9:12 AM  
Blogger mayday said...

Hey stellar kart your tour sounds epic! Wish I could see it......

2:15 AM  
Blogger julia mei said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey we are a couple of friends in good old Indiana and we were wondering if you and Kutless were coming to Indiana on this tour.
Carly and Krista

8:39 AM  

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