cards win!

in a very rare sunday off, i was able to hang out on the couch like a "normal person" and watch football today. it was amazing. some of the sk boys came over and we celebrated as the cardinals beat the cowboys. that is a big deal if you're unfamiliar with sports. it has been a good day hanging out with the fam and now that we're feeling nice and rested, it's about time to get back on the road. we leave wednesday for lancaster, pa. soooo see you soon.



Blogger squirt said...

Im a little disappointed in y'all now! I had such high standards and now you gloat about beating Dallas. Idk. . . I guess you'll have to make it up by coming to the austin area of Texas more often!!! *hint hint hint* =D
God Bless,
♥ Alex ♥

1:18 PM  

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