lancaster, pa

well, we just walked off stage here in lancaster, pennsylvania and are hanging out on the bus while superchick is on stage. it was a great show, great crowd. we are all very sweaty and looking for a shower...especially cody.

i had a great couple of basketball games today with the other bands that are on tour. jordan went to the mall. cody probably worked out at some point. brian worked on our merchandise all day.

emma and sharon are out for this weekend run and emma is hilarious. she turns 2 after thanksgiving so right now her favorite words are no, no, no. she says it so cute and she doesn't even really mean it. :)

off to west chester, pa tomorrow...time to find a shower.



Anonymous Rose said...

sounds like you guys are having fun,even though sweaty.lol.I was at your concert in Willow springs,Mo.It was so much fun!You guys rock!I was the girl who had a skirt on and the friend of the girl who had you guys sign the pringles canister.Anyways.I thought it was pretty funny that you guys went out and played football,considering how popular you guys are. :)My brother loves Superchick!And my mom want to visit Lancaster,PA.since there's Amish out in the country.well....I guess I'll go now.Have fun touring! :)

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

Sounds like you guys love hanging out with eveyone your with i went to the lancaster concert i was front row right in front of you adam haha you guys were amazing i loved it and maybe you should come to my home church??haha we would love if you did. But you guys rocked that night and i loved it well have a funn dayy!

11:19 AM  

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