We've been on the road forever and have had some amazing shows. Thanks to all of you who have come out to see us. :) We are writing for our new record right now and will be recording in January. Exciting! Also, we start the See Spot Rock Tour on Saturday so that should be fun. Hopefully we'll see you at a show coming up and pray for us as we finish up our songs for the next album.

see ya,


Rock of Ages in Cali

So we played a show in Mesa, AZ on Friday night that was great. Then we tore down our stuff and left for Cali as soon as we could. We got on the road at about 1am with the four of us and Sharon and all our gear in a ford expedition. we were sardines. anyway, we drove for 12 hours straight and arrived in Calistoga, CA (north of san fran) at 1:20pm and walked on stage and played at 1:30pm. it was amazing. the show was crazy and the crowd was awesome! we couldn't believe we made it. by the time we went to sleep that night, we had been up for about 60 hours straight. just to rock YOUR face. :)

we are back in phoenix right now getting ready to head out tonight to Modesto, CA then Salem, OR then Chino, CA so please come see us.




We are gettin' ready to fly back to PHOENIX!! aaaahhhh yeah. We're playing in Mesa on October 7th at Mesa Baptist Church and then we're going to Cali for a week of shows and then we're back in the valley of the sun. October 16th at the Bridge in Tempe, then October 17th at Parkway Church in Surprise. Please come see us, we have many road stories to tell.

can't wait,