indiana is cold

it's freezing in indiana...literally. it is about 12 degrees outside with some snow on the ground and ice in all the places where water used to reside. this is the first of a 5 shows in 5 days run that will take us to such winter vacation spots as Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois. we look forward to some great shows and are excited about our tour coming up with Kutless, Disciple, and Esterlyn. i believe it's called the "welcome to the family tour."

it was a sad flight back from 80 degree phoenix, but i'm ready to get back to playing some shows. see you soon.




happy new year to all of you out there in blog world! we had a great couple of shows to end 2008 on a high note and are looking forward to a busy 2009. we start out next weekend with shows in TX and AZ and then head back east to get back in the bus for tour. we'll play a few shows on our own and then join up with Kutless, Disciple, and Esterlyn for a west coast tour that will run from Feb through March. we are so excited to get back to the west coast since we haven't toured out there in what feels like a long time.

i look forward to getting out on the road and knocking out some songs for the new record. we should get in to the studio sometime after the tour and release some new sk stuff this summer. i hope so. :)