Gettin' back on the road

Hey guys,
I just wanted to remind everybody that we're playing at Spirit West Coast this Sunday, May 29th at 1:30pm on the C28 alternative stage. So go see BarlowGirl on the mainstage at 1pm and then run over to the C28 stage and catch our show. I promise it will rock your face! :) Hope to see you there!

Also, we just added a new show in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (near Tulsa) on June 1st. It will be at Rhema Bible Church and it's FREE and it starts at 6:30pm. Be there!

See you soon,


Last Day of Tour

Well, we're not really on tour, but this is the last show of this little 2 month run we've been on. we are in omaha, nebraska at THE ROCK playing with DAY OF FIRE and KRYSTAL MEYERS. should be fun. last night we played at club 3 degrees in minneapolis, minnesota and it was great. we got to play with EVERYDAY SUNDAY, KIDS IN THE WAY, AND HOUSE OF HEROES. all of which were amazing. it was fun getting to know all of them.

right now we're just hanging out with the guys from DAY OF FIRE watching KRYSTAL MEYERS soundcheck before we go up and check. omaha is windy. and cold. it's time to go home. to phoenix. where it's warm. and not windy. it will be nice to be home for a few days, but we can't wait to go play at spirit west coast in del mar. everybody has to go see us. we play on SUNDAY MAY 29th on the C28 stage sometime in the early afternoon. BE THERE. it will be a great time.

see ya later.



happy mothers day!

happy moms day from SK! we just got done playing a show in cedar rapids, iowa in brian's home town. last night we played at cup o joy coffeehouse in green bay, wisconsin and it was amazing! thanks so much to all of you who came out and supported us! it was definately one of our favorite shows ever! now we have 2 days off before we play wednesday night in cedar falls, iowa at orchard hill church.

then, friday we are at club 3 degrees in minneapolis, minnesota with KIDS IN THE WAY and EVERYDAY SUNDAY. that show should be amazing. and our last show before we have a couple weeks off is in omaha, nebraska with DAY OF FIRE on saturday. it should be a fun week to end this run we've been on.

my sister gets married on the 21st of may, so we are taking some time off for that in phoenix. we'll hit the road again at SPIRIT WEST COAST in del mar, california on may 29th, so come out and see us! continue to spread the word about STELLAR KART!




so our road journal is finally back up! check here for updates about the road, touring, recording, and all that jazz. right now we are in atlanta, ga taking a few days off after playing some shows in maryland and ohio. there's so much that has been happening for us in the last couple months. our single has been #2 on the christian rock chart for like 3 months! we don't even want it to go to #1 really, we just want to be known as the band with the longest running #2 single. :) http://www.radioandrecords.com/Formats/Charts/Christ_Rock_Chart.asp

what else...we've played some amazing shows and met some amazing people. we finished up the Kutless/BarlowGirl tour in march and that was a most excellent experience. they are some of the coolest people we have ever met. for the last month, we've been playing a bunch of shows on our own around the country and wearing out our van.

so if you see a silver van with a red trailer in your town, follow it to the SK show! hope to see you on the road.