Spirit West Coast - Del Mar


to all of you who came out and saw us play. it was an amazing night. i'm gonna go ahead and say it was a top 3 (maybe #1) show i've ever played in my life. it was so fun. we're still talking about what a great time we had. you all were loud and sang beautifully and i can't imagine a better crowd. thank you.

hopefully some of the shows we play in the next couple months can measure up to the time we had here in so-cal tonight. tip of the cap to you spirit west coast.



Guitar Giveaway!!!!

So it's about that time for me to get a new guitar. I've decided to give away my guitar and i'm gonna do it at Spirit West Coast Del Mar on May 26th at our show. this is the guitar that i bought last year and played for the entire Newsboys tour this spring. I will give it away to a crazy Stellar Kart fan sometime during our show.

Spirit West Coast is one of our favorite festivals and i can't think of a better place to say goodbye to my guitar. I hope to see you there. :)