Thank you Davenport, Iowa for rocking our socks off! You guys were amazing...probably one of the craziest crowds we've ever played for. We had a great time playing there and getting to know a bunch of you. Thanks again Keith for your extreme hospitality, we hope we can come back soon. Liz, you have an awesome voice and thanks for all your help with the event. Our ears seriously hurt from how loud the crowd was screaming in between the songs, and Darrin (our road manager) said that it was even hard to hear the band at times during the show because of how loud the crowd was screaming and singing. Just to let you know, you set the bar pretty high for other S Kart fans. You guys rock!

Well, we finally have new merch! Although our supply is somewhat depleted after the Iowa show. :) 4 new shirt designs right now with wristbands and hoodies soon to be available.
We've got a few more meetings tomorrow, then a couple days off before we hit the road again next week.

Keep us in your prayers,


SK rockin the East Coast

It is great to hear how well the tour is going for Stellar Kart! It's a blessing to see how many people come here to comment after hearing you guys play at a show they just attended. There is nothing like great music and the message of God to get people excited.

I hope that all visiting this site will continue to help Kartmania spread the nation by telling everyone you know about their message, music, concerts, and even this website. Most of all, keep Stellar Kart in your prayers as they minister and travel this fall.

We miss you fellas here in Arizona! PS, feel free fellas to play that new cover song on my voicemail if you get bored : >


Hey S Kart riders,

We're hangin' out here in Tennessee at our friend Kimberly's house relaxing after a long day of meetings. We are actually staying in La Vergne, Tennessee and if you have a map you'll see that it's not too far from Franklin and Nashville...as the crow flies. However, we are not crows and we cannot fly, thus we have to drive about 40 minutes to get ANYWHERE. But once we're out here, it's great and we are very thankful to have a place to crash.

Tomorrow holds much of the same as far as meetings go, but we get to look at pictures from our 13 hour photo shoot and discuss the album art. So that's exciting. Then we leave at about midnight for Davenport, Iowa.

Sunday, we went to church at Brentwood Baptist Church and it was huge. They had an orchestra, 80 person choir, full band...it was huge. We saw Barry (label prez) and he invited us to dinner and to hang out so we of course said, "sure." We had a great time and the key lime pie was fantastic.

Well, I'm up next race in Nascar 2004, so I better go.



Hey there,

So much to tell. Our photo shoot on tuesday was awesome. We went to four different locations: two houses, a tire yard, and a go-kart track. We raced go-karts for an hour and took pictures the whole time...it rocked. We even raced against Jimmy (our photographer), Blaine, and Ron (our bosses from the label) :) and we gave Blaine the fastest kart. At one point, Jordan spun out and began to drive into oncoming traffic. We did have a great time, though. Thank you Jimmy, Katherine, Robin, and Shannen.

The next day, we went in to the studio to work on a cover song for the album. We decided to cover "living on a prayer" by Bon Jovi! Oh yeah. So we went to Camp David, a studio owned by Dave Clo, the guitar player for the band All Star United. We went in at 10am, broke for lunch from 12-2, then hit it until about 3:30am.
The first half of the day was awful. We couldn't get anything going and were actually thinking about scratching the song. We went for a walk with Dave through his neighborhood around 6pm, then tried again from scratch when we got back. The results were amazing. The song miraculously came to life and we all love it. We played it for the label guys today and they were stoked. So far, everybody loves it and can't wait to get it finished and put on the album.

Today, we played our showcase for the label, booking agents, and management companies. We played at a place called The End in Nashville and we rocked the house. It's quite a change playing for a bunch of people standing, staring at you with their arms crossed, but it went great. We now have to choose a management company and booking agent, so please pray for us as we make that decision.

We will have more meetings on Monday and Tuesday of next week, then it's off to Iowa to start us back on the road again.

Talk to you soon,


Well, here we are back in Nashville at our friends house doing our laundry for the photo shoot tomorrow morning. We toured the label today and met with all the people we'll be working with over the next several years. We brought them each a little Hot Wheels car with a "S K" sticker as a gift and everybody loved it. And we brought Barry, Shawn, and Blaine model cars with "S K" decals on the hoods...it was awesome. So the wheels on the huge machine called Word Entertainment are rolling and preparing for our record release in February. It's really exciting when you're actually here meeting all the people in the different departments that work together to get our music out to everybody.

It's great to be back in Nashville, our home east of the mississippi. We had a great day today and are looking forward to hanging out with friends and taking some time in the studio to work on our record. We're going to bed early tonight to get ready for the morning photo shoot. No bags under our eyes for the album cover. :)



Thanks to all of you who bought cd's and pictures tonight in Minnesota! You guys were awesome. The show went good and we had a great time. The coolest thing about Minnesota is the family we're staying with. Amanda, you and your family are the best...you rock. And thanks for the ridiculous amount of food you've given us. Also, we hope Tripod (their little weiner dog with 3 legs) has many more good years in him. :)

We're heading out tomorrow morning for our home away from home, Nashville. We'll be doing our photo shoot on Tuesday for the album and hanging out all week.


email us if y'all want.


Here we are in Minnesota and it's cold!
Actually, it's not that cold, but it's the first time we've been able to see our breath outside for about 6 months. We drove from Madison, Wisconsin to Victoria, Minnesota (near Minneapolis) today and it was a nice, relaxing drive. We played a lot of playstation (nascar 2004 and nfl 2k4) and looked at the scenery. We even stopped at a rest stop that had a 20 ft high fake moose. It was cool.

We'll be playing tomorrow at Holy Family Catholic High School and if you want any more info, please go to www.silverringthing.com. The family we're staying with is great and we're having a good time.

I'll let you know how the show goes, so stay tuned!



Thanks to everyone who came to the show in West Virginia! It was a great show, the crowd rocked! Cody said it was his favorite show just because the crowd was so crazy. Thank you so much to Ron and Pat for your hospitality.

We're having a great time on the road so far. We're in Madison, Wisconsin right now and we're on our way to Brainard, Minnesota for a show on Saturday night.

After our Minnesota show, we're heading back to Nashville to do a photo shoot for our album, then we're going to play a showcase for everyone at the label and hopefully get to know most of them.

Drop us an email at stellarkart@yahoo.com.

talk to you soon.


howdy ya'll,

we just got done with our show here in South Carolina and it was great. Right now we're hanging out at this huge house where we're staying tonight just watching tv and checking my fantasy football team. we were in Oklahoma on tuesday and i just want to say thanks to tony and barbara for letting us stay at your house and thanks for the cinnamon rolls, bananas, bagels, cereal, oj...thanks for breakfast, too.

we love our new van! it's a silver '04 ford E350 with a plasma tv, vcr, dvd...actually our "plasma" tv is a 13" tv/vcr combo with a playstation 2 for games and dvd's. it's still way cool, though. AND, more importantly, we've made it all the way across the country so far without a blowout! hope i didn't just jinx it.

so all is well in stellar kart land. we head out tomorrow for North Carolina, then it's on to Pittsburgh, PA for a day, then back down to West Virginia on tuesday, so we will definately be busy! keep checking our website and the link for shows to find out where we're playing and what's happening.

go to church tomorrow!


Check out the new links over there --->

A full blown website will be available later this fall, but for now, this will have to do. Hope to see you at a show soon!



news from the Kart,

well, the show in KY got cancelled so we got to hang around the valley for a few more days. we plan to head to nashville on tuesday. hopefully, the hurricane will not get up there and wash us off the road. so with our couple days off, i played golf w/ my dad, cody went to lake havasu with his familia, jordan spent time with his family and probably did some shopping, and i'm not sure what tay did...probably hung out with his friends and "phoenix" family.

on this new journal, there's a place where you can make comments about journal entries (or about the band) under each one of the posts, so feel free to say "hi."

also, my good friend Steven (aka westsideTHUG) will be posting on here and letting you know what's up with the band when i'm on the road away from my computer.

if you want to sign up for our email list to get updates about shows and such, just send an email to stellarkart@yahoo.com and say "add me to your email list please."



Welcome to the new Stellar Kart Journal!

As some of you know, we are heading out on the road this saturday Sept. 4th. We'll start out in Ashland, Kentucky on the 6th playing for an event called the Freedom Experience - www.freedomexperience.com - Then, it's off to Nashville for a couple days to pay homage to the Label (Word Records/Warner Bros.) and here we might get into the studio for a day or two before we head down south to play some shows.

We'll let you know about what's going on this fall while we're on the road and in the studio, so stay tuned. And if you're in Phoenix this friday (sept. 3rd) we're playing a show w/ Sky Harbor at Grand Canyon University @ 7:30pm. See you there!