Ok SK fans! Just to let you know our new CD is now available for pre-order! To order "We Can't Stand Sitting Down" just click on the link below. It will be delivered to your house the day it comes out (JULY 25), some people will even get it a day early. The CD booklet will be autographed and we're also throwing in a free SK wristband fo free. :) I just thought I'd give you hardcore SK fans the first opportunity to get the new CD. Have fun!



we love our trailer...

Well, we were driving our van and trailer from Woodbridge, VA to Hilliard, OH. Brian was driving, Jordan was in the front seat, and Cody, Sharon, and I were sleeping in the back. At about 9:30am, I wake up to the sound of 18 wheelers passing us as we sit on the side of the freeway. I ask, "what happened?" and the boys tell me the good news...we've LOST a trailer tire. Not a blowout, not a flat, LOST. The tire, rim, and hub fell off as they were driving and then proceeded to pass us as we skidded to a stop. We never found the tire. It might have rolled all the way to Ohio. The axle was ground down from the friction of scraping on the highway and was damaged beyond repair.
So we had to get the trailer towed, get a new axle, a new tire and rim. Fun times. Lots of money that we don't have. But that's the way it goes sometimes. When you come see us at a show, say hi to the new axle on the trailer.

By the way, our new CD will be done on Wednesday of next week, so we'll start leaking some songs for you to check out. It's gonna be fun.