well it's that time of year again...studio time. we head in to the studio tomorrow morning to begin pre-production for our third record. wow. for the next month or so we will be working hard in the studio every day that we're not playing shows to try and get the record finished by october, and i think we will be releasing it sometime in february. we are so excited and have a ton of new songs to work on. i know you're gonna love them as much as we do.

check out our myspace page for video updates from the studio and maybe even some new song demos. we hope to bring you guys along for the ride this time as we make our record.

also, a huge thanks to all of you who made our summer the best ever. promoters, volunteers, and all you FANS who came out to support us at festivals and shows...thank you. :) you made it a summer to remember and we are having the time of our lives right now. we love you and keep checking back for studio updates!