stellar kart plays basketball

in one of the most hilarious weekends in our bands history, we had more fun than we've had in a long time in richmond, virginia yesterday. sure we were there to play a show and rock like we've never rocked before, but this day was different. this particular promoter and his family have been to several sk shows and we were chatting after one of the shows about how i like to play basketball when i'm home. they just so happen to run the annual basketball tournament for the Christian high schools in their area. i jokingly said, "hey, maybe our band could be one of the teams in the tournament." he said he'd figure something out.

and then it actually happened...

we wound up teaming up with the band eleventyseven (who opened up the show that night) and challenging the american family radio station staff and some contest winners. it was amazing. our team was bad...but they were worse. our strategy for victory was to run, run, run. :) we came away victorious and got an invite back to possibly play a real high school team next time.

thanks so much to all the afr staff and listeners for such a fun experience that we'll never forget!

happy thanksgiving,


winter is here

here at my house in tennessee, the low temperature last night was 23 degrees. that is absolutely too cold for me. thank you to all of my friends in phoenix who were kind enough to inform me that it was 85 degrees and sunny there yesterday...i appreciate that. i don't deal with the cold very well. i'm more of a shorts and t-shirt everyday kind of guy. i am looking forward to getting back to phoenix for some vacation time. emma is going to freak out this thanksgiving when she is at nana's house and all the grandparents and great-grandparents are there at the same time. she will be giddy.

sorry to all of you from lubbock, but i will be rooting for the sooners this saturday night!



thank you florida

here we are in the front lounge of the bus on the 14 hour drive back to the house in spring hill, tn. we're winding down after a great show in west palm beach, florida at wayfest. it was the last show of our tour with superchick and it was also a shared date with tobymac's winter wonderslam tour. so we got to see some friends of ours that we haven't seen in awhile from family force 5, relient k, and toby. good times and a great way to end a tour.

we're looking forward to a little time off for the holidays. we have one show next weekend and then some time off for thanksgiving. i can't wait. :)

goodnight world.


ps. good morning to all of you in the netherlands!


georgia, georgia, georgia

you guessed it. we're in georgia. the next three shows are in georgia actually. my parents used to live in canton before moving to california so georgia has a special spot in my heart. i'm looking forward to meeting some friendly southern folks and eating peach pie. let's hope georgia comes to rock at the sk show!



monday night football

we had a couple of great shows in the last two days. on saturday, we played in peoria, illinois at a hockey game. it was the first hockey game i've ever seen. the home team won and a great crowd stuck around after the game to hear us play. the stage was set up at one end of the ice rink and they wouldn't let any fans on the ice for the show, so we played directly in front of an empty ice rink with all the fans on both sides in the stands. weird. the crowd was fantastic, though.
yesterday, we had a great show in elgin, illinois at judson university. i think that is near superchick's home town so it was a homecoming show for them. it was freezing outside and even snowed for a bit.

so here we are back home in tennessee for two days until we head out for the last four shows on the tour. i'm looking forward to tonight because we're having the boys and some other friends over to watch our az cardinals destroy the 49ers tonight on monday night football. that's all for now, see you in georgia.



club 3 degrees

wow. as i sit up here in the dressing room on the 3rd floor while superchick is finishing out the night, i have a few thoughts on my mind. first, i'm very tired and sweaty...disgusting, in fact. second, the reason for my state is the fact that tonight was arguably the BEST show on this tour. SOLD OUT. nice work minnesota. you guys came to party tonight and we had a great time. we will soon be heading downstairs to hang out, sign autographs, take pictures, wreak havoc, etc...and then off to the hotel to shower. the tour is winding down with only six shows remaining, but we are ready for some holiday time off.

i'm looking forward to getting back to AZ and cali to see the family and eat some good holiday meals. maybe play some golf. enjoy the warm weather. play in the annual "turkey bowl" on thanksgiving morning with friends from high school and college. awesome.

thanks again minnesota for a memorable night,

ps. i would love to visit italy. never been there. seems like a nice place.


election night

looks like obama is the new prez and i can almost hear the crowd of almost one million people gathered at grand park in chicago screaming at the top of their lungs. i'm sitting here on the bus watching cnn wondering how the next four years of life are going to pan out. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

we had dinner with the barlow girls at their house here in the chicago area and had a great time hanging out with their fam. thanks maryanne for the home-cooked meal. it was awesome. we are looking forward to our next tour show in minneapolis, mn at club 3 degrees. it should be good...and cold.

i guess it's time to watch the acceptance speech. goodnight america.



the underground

last night was such a fun show. we had a great crowd at the underground in cincy. jordan, brian, and i painted our eyes to look like we had been beat up by cody. the best part is that he didn't know we did it until the show started. :) it was hilarious.

today has been all about watching and playing football. we had a game out on the football field between all the bands on tour and wore ourselves out. now it's time to head in for dinner. i'm starving.