Well, things are going great here in the studio...and very quickly. We tracked all the drums on monday and tuesday of last week, then started on bass and finished that by thursday. Friday and saturday we did guitars and I sang some vocals in between guitar takes. We took sunday off, then came back on monday to continue guitars and vocals. Today we recorded some acoustic guitars and I should get all the lead vocals done by tomorrow. We should have the whole record done by friday, which is amazingly fast. We are having a great time and our CD is going to sound awesome. Finally, a real CD. It's about time.

Thanks for keeping up with us and praying for us. Our new website should be up sometime this fall, hopefully in the next few weeks. I promise it will actually be a real website, too. Once again, it's about time. Once we're done here in Nashville we're going to take some time off, but as soon as we learn more about our upcoming tour schedule, I'll let you know.

Talk to you soon.


We just got back from Cedar Falls, Iowa and it was a cold, rainy, long drive. Iowa is so cold. The kids there rock, though. Thanks to Naz church and everybody who helped us out while we were there. Thanks Walt for everything and keep Michael out of trouble! :) Iowa is 2 for 2 so far this fall with awesome shows in Davenport and Cedar Falls. It is still really cold there, though.

We now have wristbands! It's about time. I guess you'll just have to come to a show to see what they look like. We will be in the studio for the next week or so finishing up our album. We'll be recording at Sound Kitchen in Franklin, TN and should hopefully have everything done by the end of next week. We'll see. Also, as more tour dates roll in, we'll let you know. We're going to take some time and plan for next years record release and tour schedule, so the remainder of this year will consist mostly of a few spot dates. We should hear word about the schedule of the release of a single to radio pretty soon, so as soon as we hear which song and when it will be out, we'll be sure and let you know so we can all start calling in and requesting.

I'll let you know how studio stuff is going if I can find a computer next week.



We played another Freedom Experience show on Sunday night with Brock Gill "Chaos on Wheels" and "Inhabited." It was great to get to hang out with all those guys again. Hopefully we'll get to hook up in the future. Now we are off to Cedar Falls, Iowa for a show on Wednesday night.

So we have good news. We are confirmed to go on tour with Kutless and Barlowgirl in February and March! That should be fun. We'll let you know as more dates get confirmed.



ok, so a few things have happened this week. First, we played at an event called the Freedom Experience on wednesday night in Canton, GA and it rocked. The event was great and Brock Gill (the rockstar illusionist and star of the show) was awesome. We were honored to be a part of the event and the kids were crazy. Security had to come to the front of the stage to make sure people didn't get hurt by the stage divers and moshers. Also, we got to play with a very cool band called Inhabited. They rock and we had a good time hanging out with them. We also got to meet some guys from the BMX stunt group Chaos on Wheels. They didn't get to perform because of issues with the venue, but we will get to see them on Sunday night in Franklin, TN so we're looking forward to that.

Second, we got a call on our way back to Nashville on Thursday that there was a spot open for us to play at the Youth Specialties Conference in Dallas, TX. So, we hopped back in the van and headed west. It was great because we got to play with label mates Across the Sky and Building 429. They were both awesome by the way. And thanks to all you youth workers who came and saw us play. We had a great time and hopefully will be able to come play for your churches and youth groups soon. Please feel free to email us or click on the "book a show" link to email our manager to set up a show.

Well, that's all for now. See you on the flip side,


So we signed with a management company! We decided to go with Platform Artist Management (they also manage Kutless), they're a couple of guys (Chance and Darren) who really share the same vision as we do for our career. We are really excited to get to work with these guys, so we can't wait to see what happens. Next, we will meet with some more booking agencies to eventually choose one and complete the team.

We are narrowing down artwork for the album and meeting with Blaine (our A & R guy at the label) about album strategy stuff. Then, tomorrow morning we'll head down to Canton, GA to play a show with the Freedom Experience. In case you want to go, the show is at Cherokee High School and starts at 7pm. Feel free to go to www.freedomexperience.com for more details.

until next time,