How many shows in a row?

the answer is...i'm not really sure. all i know is that we have played a show every night since february 13th. tour is good, exhausting, exciting, boring, easy, dramatic, difficult, inspiring, deflating, encouraging, but most of all fun. we have played several sold out shows in the northwest US and are now making our way down to southern cal. we have a show tonight in reno, nv and FINALLY a day off tomorrow in san francisco. then it's off to southern cal for some shows before we get to go home to phoenix for a few days. i can't tell you how happy i am to be out of the cold weather. i hope it's another 10-11 months before i see snow again. :)

songwriting is going well for the new record and everybody in the band is doing well...kind of. cody is still sleeping and has been for a very long time. some of the guys on tour have the flu which is awesome. :( hopefully since i had it in december, i'll be immune this time around. when you share a bus with 10 other guys and are breathing the same air in close proximity for many, many hours at a time, the odds of getting sick are stacked against you. pray for us please. :)



Rain, Snow, Wind, Sun...

only a few days remain until we start our huge tour with kutless and disciple. get your snowshoes ready up north and flip flops out in so-cal cause we're coming to town. seriously, get your tickets early because several of the shows are already sold out. see you soon!



Super Bowl XLIII

wow. what a great game...almost. our beloved hometown cardinals played valiantly and almost came away with the championship of tackle football. the boys came over last night after we flew back from our weekend in ocean city, maryland and we tried our best to root them to a victory. oh well, congrats on an improbable season anyway.

we embark on our tour with kutless, disciple, and esterlyn in a few days and will be bringing the rock to a city near you. :) look out for the SK train coming to your town. get your tickets soon because several of the shows are already sold out.