sunshine in ohio

here we are in cincinatti, ohio getting ready to play a show at the underground and i wake up this morning to something i've rarely seen in ohio...the sun. no offense to the fine people of ohio, but the weather in your state leaves a bit to be desired at times. however, today is beautiful so i'll take it. :)

the suns started the season off very nicely with a win over the evil spurs. i'm excited for basketball season. i confess i am slightly addicted to sports.

i'm looking forward to the show tonight, hopefully there will be some sweet costumes in the crowd. who knows what brian will do tonight...



back home

it's nice to sleep in my own bed tonight after another five days on the road. we had a good weekend with stops in missouri, mississippi, arkansas, and oklahoma.

before the tulsa, oklahoma show i played golf with my cousin cody. good news and bad news...first the good...we had a great time and it was good to get out on the course. now the bad...i lost. that hurts me to say. it really does. :) here are my excuses:
1. i didn't have my own clubs
2. didn't have my own golf shoes
3. it was a course i had never played on
4. it was cold and VERY windy
sounds pathetic, huh? oh well. congrats to cody who is the MAN. i want a rematch.

we all went over to matt's (from superchick) house to watch the monday night football game tonight and had a great time. go titans! i guess it's ok to wish for a cardinals/titans superbowl. i would attend.

the next couple days will involve playing basketball, catching up on sleep, hanging out with emma and sharon, and the beginning of the phoenix suns quest for an NBA championship.

talk soon,


on the road again

we leave tonight for missouri at midnight. the good news is, we have satellite tv on the bus so we won't miss any of the world series or football games this weekend. i'm looking forward to getting back to tulsa, ok again to see my grandparents and cousins. it's been a relaxing tour ever since the first month when we were out for over a month straight. having a couple days off at home each week is about as close to a "normal" life as it can get.

talk soon,


cheesesteaks and fried chicken

on friday, we played in west chester, pa which is located just west of philadelphia. philiadelphia is known for a few things...liberty bell, the phillies, and legendary cheesesteaks. we had to partake in the local favorite and had some great steaks at a place called "mike's" just down the road from the venue and they were amazing. tip o the cap to you mike.
the show was great and all was good until afterward when our new tech guy jon (we call him burrrrro) decided it would be a good idea to push me in the back for no apparent reason. so of course i had to chase him outside into the grass and tackle him and make him promise to never do it again. i think we got it all on video so that should be up on the youtube page soon. :)

today we rolled in to johnson city, tn and played a great festival with our tour and jeremy camp. i think the high temperature 2 days ago was around 85 and the high today was around 53. it was so cold. maybe the coldest ever. the cold didn't keep the crowd away as around 3000 people showed up. we had fried chicken for dinner and watched the red sox win again. game 7 tomorrow. crazy.

we are on the road heading to the DC area tonight. one more show and then it's back home for a few days.



lancaster, pa

well, we just walked off stage here in lancaster, pennsylvania and are hanging out on the bus while superchick is on stage. it was a great show, great crowd. we are all very sweaty and looking for a shower...especially cody.

i had a great couple of basketball games today with the other bands that are on tour. jordan went to the mall. cody probably worked out at some point. brian worked on our merchandise all day.

emma and sharon are out for this weekend run and emma is hilarious. she turns 2 after thanksgiving so right now her favorite words are no, no, no. she says it so cute and she doesn't even really mean it. :)

off to west chester, pa tomorrow...time to find a shower.



crazy rays

i don't know if any of you are watching the ALCS this season, but it is amazing. nothing against boston, but i'm excited for the tampa bay rays. they are an expansion team that came into existence the same year the diamondbacks did - 1998. they have never been to the playoffs, so this is a really big deal. i'm all about rooting for the underdog. :)

back to the road tomorrow...it has been so relaxing being at home. i remember our first year touring when we played about 250 shows. that was exhausting. now i'm actually looking forward to getting out and playing shows. see you soon....



frisbee golf

so today i played frisbee golf with wally from wayfm's total axxess. if you don't know what frisbee golf is, it's simple. you walk around for 2 hours throwing frisbees at little chain nets and chasing them until you finish the hole. the only similarity to real golf is that there were 18 "holes." it was fun, though and much cheaper than real golf. unfortunately, for the first time in our head to head career against each other in ANY competition, he won. congrats to you, wally. now we can move on to a real sport or ANYTHING ELSE. :)



cards win!

in a very rare sunday off, i was able to hang out on the couch like a "normal person" and watch football today. it was amazing. some of the sk boys came over and we celebrated as the cardinals beat the cowboys. that is a big deal if you're unfamiliar with sports. it has been a good day hanging out with the fam and now that we're feeling nice and rested, it's about time to get back on the road. we leave wednesday for lancaster, pa. soooo see you soon.



Good Timing

well apparently the best time to start up blogging about stellar kart's adventures on the road is not when we are in the middle of a 9 day break. :) actually, we had some shows get canceled up in the northeast so we're hanging out at home and trying to recover from being out on the road for the past 4 weeks. the break is giving me some time to ponder the new record. it's always a weird experience making a new record. trying to sum up your thoughts into song form is stressful. :) with tons of ideas, phrases, song titles, and lyrics floating around in my head, it's tough to make sense of it all and compose a complete thought. i'll figure it out...

tomorrow should be a fun day, i think i'm going golfing...


back to work

so i win the award for most inconsistent blogger in the universe. sometimes i'm good and blog 5,6, even 7 times a week. sometimes i'm bad and go a year without blogging. oh well, i'm going to try and start up again because i want to, and for no other reason. however, i make no guarantees. there is a possibility that i will be diligent and blog with regularity. there is also a possibility that you will find this the most recent blog entry a year from now. that is the mystery of the stellar kart blog...

with that disclaimer out of the way, we've had quite a year. our international travels include trips to the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia, all of which were amazing experiences. we headlined a tour, played a ton of acquire the fire events, rocked out festivals all over north america this summer, and are now in the middle of a tour with superchick. i look forward to fall and the end of the summer heat, as well as the chance to make another record.